Dependency and Addictions

We repeat a behaviour because it either stimulates us or gives us something that we cannot give ourselves.  Dependency and addictions are created when we turn to a substance or a behaviour to help us cope with emotional discomfort.  Addiction will often follow a dependency and become a further issue to resolve.  If we don’t resolve the cause of the dependency we will very likely replace one behaviour with another.

Someone battling with alcohol may believe they are predisposed to alcoholism because their parent was an alcoholic and their grandparent was an alcoholic and therefore it’s in their genes.  Or a drug addict may claim to have an “addictive personality”.   

At the foundation of these patterns will lie a low tolerance for emotional discomfort resulting in the avoidant behaviour.

Strategic psychotherapy, when used with clinical hypnotherapy, can help treat addiction for long term results by providing the client with the tools and support they need to make better decisions and to develop positive coping skills to manage cravings.  

If you are ready to truly amplify your fullest potential and make a change, I invite you to take the next step, a 20-minute obligation free and confidential phone consultation.  Let’s see if we can work together to bring about enduring change.

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