Anger is not an outburst that is triggered spontaneously.  It is a perpetual simmering constrained that is largely due to a rule driven, black or white style of thinking.   

People that are quick to anger will have an expectation of how things should be done and expect the world to follow their “rules”.  There is no room for interpretation of these rules and when they are not followed, the response is the outburst. 

People that have persistent issues with anger will see “it” as external to themselves and a result of someone or something that causes them to respond in a certain way – “I can’t help it, she made me so angry”. 

Typically, they will lack an understanding of what is in their control and what isn’t and will use anger as a mechanism to reclaim control.   

You cannot control the world around you and learning to have control of your inner world and the true emotions that may be driving your anger is the first step in breaking this pattern that does not serve you. 

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