About Tahn Miller

I’m Tahn Miller, a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy practitioner at Amplify Therapies.

Several years ago, my journey into this field began when my own child battled debilitating social anxiety. Witnessing their transformation from a vibrant child to a fearful adolescent propelled me to explore various therapies. It was through the transformative power of hypnotherapy, under the guidance of a skilled psychotherapist, that we witnessed a pivotal shift in my child’s well-being.

This personal experience ignited my passion for understanding human behavior on a profound level. Today, I am dedicated to the continual study of neuroscience and behavioural sciences that help individuals and organizations to effectively navigate mental health.

Utilizing evidence-backed techniques and strategies, I teach individuals and organisations the unconscious patterns that underpin our behaviour to optimize wellbeing and productivity.

I don’t focus on the why, I focus on the how, and tailor solutions for my clients to live a productive and rewarding life ~ Tahn Miller

Client Feedback

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