About Tahn Miller

My name is Tahn Miller and I am a qualified clinical hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy practitioner.  A number of years ago one of my own children fell victim to debilitating and acute social anxiety.  As a parent all you want is to keep your children safe and healthy and I couldn’t understand why my child had transformed from an outgoing light hearted little person to a withdrawn fearful adolescent.  

After trialing many different forms of therapy we found the use of hypnotherapy under the care of a trained psychotherapist so transformative it was the pivot point that sparked our son’s journey back to health.  The enduring changes that resulted from just a short series of sessions have not only been life changing for our family, but this personal experience set me on a path to help other families and individuals find freedom from their own suffering.

I don’t focus on the why, I focus on the how, and tailor solutions for my clients to live a productive and rewarding life ~ Tahn Miller

Client Feedback

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